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Photo of the Week 126

Photo of the Week 126
Here we are at yet another Friday.  It's time once again to chug through that last work day before we get the weekend.  Hang in there.  You can do it.  Just to help make sure you make it through, Cramer Imaging provides a weekly featured photograph to help lift your spirits a bit.  This week, we've chosen to feature a musical instrument.

A while ago, I decided that I wanted to take some fine art photographs of some musical instruments to add to my portfolio.  It seemed like it would be a valuable addition.  The only trick was finding someone who would be willing to let me take pictures of their instruments.

Once that person was located and the appointed time arrived, I went to work.  I took lots of pictures of several different musical instruments that day.  This particular photograph was one of those photos and ended up being one of the best as well.

The instrument you see depicted here is a metal clarinet.  It's not a flute or a saxophone no matter how much it may look like one of them.  Metal clarinets aren't common but aren't unheard of either.

With this shot, I decided that I wanted to do something in tight with the clarinet keys.  Sometimes featuring a part of an instrument can help you visualize the whole of it.  This shot required my macro lens to get that tight view right.

When I went to process up this particular photo, I noticed that it seemed a bit dull.  I realized that I needed to add in some contrast in order to create some interest in the photo itself.  This is why I went with a low key style and vignetted the subject matter.  It brought life to the picture and framed the clarinet keys the way that I was hoping for.

 Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art music photograph of a close-up on the keys of a metal clarinet