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Photo of the Week 127

Photo of the Week 127
Hang in there people.  It's another Friday morning and the weekend is almost here if you can just get through this work day.  Here at Cramer Imaging, we want to try and make this as easy for you as we can.  To this end, we've got our featured "Photo of the Week" for you to take your mind off things for a minute or two.  Please enjoy this photograph of the Rexburg Idaho Temple against a dramatic sky this week.

For those of you who don't know about the situation of the Rexburg temple, it's sitting at the top of a hill right next to the BYUI campus.  If you face the front door, you will be facing downhill.  That is part of what makes this photograph possible.

We had taken a trip up to Rexburg with the hopes of taking a beautiful picture of the temple there.  Temples are always a good subject when you want to flex your portfolio building muscles.  They're beautifully done in their architecture and also in their grounds keeping.  They're also a religious staple for much of this area of the country.  LDS temples are a guaranteed winner there.

I was hoping for a sunset shot which would set off the temple in the foreground when I packed my camera that day.  When we arrived, there was nothing but cloudy skies.  It looked disappointing.  I wondered if it would even be worth the trip up.  We decided to wait a while to see what would happen.  In the mean time, I took photos of other things on the grounds.

As sunset approached, I could tell that I wouldn't get a pure sunset shot as I wanted.  However, I did notice that the clouds were lighting up in such a way that I could still get a dramatic shot if I framed it right.  I set up my tripod, with my wide angle lens on my camera, and got to work.

Dialing in the proper exposure settings was difficult.  Should I expose for the building or for the sky?  Either way, something would be underexposed.  I eventually went with a proper sky exposure.  This lets you see the dramatic clouds and dramatic lighting which backlit the temple that day.  A little work in Photoshop brought the temple in the foreground up to a proper exposure.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the Rexburg temple with clouds at sunset in Madison, Idaho