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The Third Leg of the National Park Trio

The Third Leg of the National Park Trio
Last month we made another daring trip into the heart of Utah seeking out yet another of the popular National Parks to be found.  We already had Bryce Canyon and Zion's National Park.  There was just one more in that area to be seen and we were determined to see it for ourselves and then show it off to you in photographic form.  Check out what we found.

The final park out of the local cluster of southern Utah National Parks is Capitol Reef National Park.  It may not be one of the best known parks out there, but it's certainly worth taking a trip to go see if you are in the area.

On our trip, though rather convoluted to drive, we discovered that the park itself is situated on part of a major highway.  This means that there's a lot of traffic which passes through there during the warmer months.  This also means that part of the park is free to access thanks to this highway.

We noticed that this area, though also very much desert, was a much different landscape than either Bryce Canyon or Zion's National Park.  It's full of lots of very red, maroon or burgundy, sandstone and/or shale.  The park is full of rock slabs and shelves which suggest a very different geologic process was at work there.

As sunset arrived, we positioned ourselves at sunset point, a part of Panorama Point and prepared for a shot.  Panorama Point is well worth going to see an unbelievably wide angle of much of the park.  There's just no way to take it all in with a camera.  It must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a tree against the red cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park Utah

We captured this beautiful landscape photograph while we were there.  The contrast of the dead tree against the red and white cliffs was too much to pass up for me.  If you would like to buy fine art prints of this photo, then you're in luck.  Just follow this link to our online store and buy your copy today.