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How to Care for Your Fine Art Giclée Print Part 2-Protection From Direct Sunlight

How to Care for Your Fine Art Giclée Print Part 2-Protection From Direct Sunlight
Last week, we talked about  how to protect your beautiful fine art from the dangers of acid in the products you house it in.  This week, we're continuing in that vein and talking about another danger which your fine art faces on a daily basis.  This danger, while just as subtle as acid, it the damage of direct sunlight.

Protection From Direct Sunlight

Cramer Imaging's photograph of a piece of wall art which has been faded by direct sunlight
If you look close around the edges of this image, you can see exactly where the sun faded the image and where it was left untouched by UV rays.
Ultra violet (or UV) rays are damaging to any kind of wall art over the long term.  They will fade your priceless antique paintings just like they will fade a cheap poster.  Worst of all, they are part of the normal sunlight spectrum.  There's no avoiding UV rays.  We can only take steps to prevent exposure or alter the chemical process which they start (think sunscreen).

We can also protect our wall art from the dangerous and deteriorating effects of sunlight fading since art isn't immune to those effects either.  The easiest way to protect wall art from fading is to hang them in a place where there is no direct sunlight.  This will prevent the worst of the fading with time right off the bat.

With this method of protection, you will also need to make sure the place where you hang your art isn't exposed to partial direct sunlight either.  If the wall you choose to display your art on is in the shade during the morning but in full direct sunlight during the afternoon, then you haven't protected it from the sun at all.


The dangers of keeping your fine art from fading are very real when you've put a lot of money into buying the art.  There are more concerns to worry about and dangers to prevent when it comes to your fine art.  Next week, we will discuss what to do about UV rays which don't come from the sun.  Be sure you don't miss that discussion.

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