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Photo of the Week 130

Photo of the Week 130
It's time for another Cramer Imaging "Photo of the Week" feature.  After all, it's Friday and it's time for a break.  You need your batteries recharged and we've got just the photo for you to enjoy.  This time, we've chosen something extra special.  We've got a picture of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall together.  We've also got the story of how we captured this photo.

This photo's story begins with a trip to Idaho Falls during the winter.  We had a job interview to attend.  Since we were going to be there for a while, we brought the camera along for some photography practice.  It was well worth the planning ahead that day.

After we made our stop off for the interview, we decided to take a drive to the Snake River in the hopes that we would find something worth shooting pictures of.  This time, we tried across the river in the hopes of getting the waterfall in with the temple.  There's a landing area over there for the tourists.  This was the perfect spot to set up and snap pictures.

The sky was mostly cloudy that day, which you can see in the photo.  That fact made for some beautiful lighting conditions.  The harsh and deep shadows, often present around that time of day, were noticeably absent.  Everything was bathed in soft and diffuse light.

I chose the right spot on the platform and set up my tripod.  I also needed my wide angle lens for this shot.  With my cable release in my hand, I composed my shot and clicked the shutter.

I decided to try out the processing technique called split toning with this particular photo.  I warmed up the highlights and the whites in this shot to get the picturesque feeling you see below.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature and fine art photograph of the Idaho Falls temple and waterfall landscape in Bonneville, Idaho
This photo is available in sizes up to 16x24 inches.
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