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Photo of the Week 131

Photo of the Week 131
It's time once again to take a quick break from your stressful work or home life.  It's Friday morning.  That means that we have something special for all of you today.  We've got our featured "Photo of the Week" for your enjoyment.  This week, we've chosen this landscape photograph of a tree on a desolate plain.  Don't worry, we've got the story for you too.

This photo starts out as one of those days when I wanted to get out and do something different in the way of photography.  It can get tedious and boring to only photograph your own backyard.  I wanted something fresher for inspiration.  That is why we went to Craters of the Moon National Monument.  It's lava plain scenery was just that breath of freshness I needed.

It was a warm winter day, surprising but not so surprising at the same time.  The lava absorbs the sun's heat and keeps radiating it back.  The snow was melted off at that point thanks to a thaw.  Otherwise, we would be seeing a plain covering in snow not refrozen rock.

We checked out lots of places in this park for the right shot.  There's a lots of opportunity if you know where to go.  With this shot, I ended up climbing up a trail straight uphill to a lookout vista.  It was worth the hike but the hike was not for the heat of summer.  It would be utterly miserable on that unshaded dark rock mound.

Once up there, I wandered around and admired the view while looking for that particular angle which I hauled my camera up for.  Once I spotted this dead tree stump, I knew that I had something.  I got just the right angle and set up my tripod for the shot.

Once I got back home and started processing the photo, I realized that I wanted to go with a more vintage look.  For this reason, I went with a faded and sun-bleached look.  Once I got done processing, I was reminded of old-time post cards.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a sun-bleached stump in weeds in Craters of the Moon National Monument