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Photo of the Week 132

Photo of the Week 132
Friday has arrived once again.  It's almost the weekend and it's almost a break from work.  Perhaps it's time for you to take a quick productivity break and check out something enjoyable for a minute or two.  Try checking out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week."  Your boss approves.

This week, we're featuring the final photo in a series of musical instrument shots which we took for a music academy.  We have this beautiful violin, with bow, resting against a chair.

Getting this shot was not easy at all.  It required lots of setup and out of the box thinking in order to get it to work.  First, we had to borrow a violin.  Then we had to find the right kind of chair.  It had to be the kind of chair which you would believe could easily be on stage at a concert.

With all of that in place, we didn't like the carpet which we had for flooring.  It just didn't look right.  We had to find the right kind of wood to be the floor of a concert hall.  We tried things like plywood.  They just didn't look right.

After banging our heads against the wall for a while, we finally came up with the perfect solution.  We pulled out a couple of extension leaves for a cherry dining table and used them.  They were flat and had the right kind of look to simulate the wooden floor of a stage.

The next trick was getting the right angle and getting the right amount of lighting for that angle.  I didn't want to show off the carpet behind the shot so I had to carefully angle the camera to exclude it.  I also wanted a low angle to feature the violin.  This meant that lighting was difficult to get right.

To compensate for the difficult lighting, we were pulling out lamps and placing them all over the place to get the right fill light.  My flash units were coming in handy as well.  With a combined effort, we managed to get the lighting to where I wanted it so I took the picture.

Once I got to processing the photo, I noticed that the colors of the violin wood and the "floor" wood weren't matching.  They were clashing badly.  I tried adjusting things to compensate for this and let things blend better but to no avail.  I finally decided to desaturate the photo and see what I got.  The black and white version was perfect.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art music black and white photograph of a violin with bow resting against a metal chair