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The Most Important Consideration When Buying Fine Art

The Most Important Consideration When Buying Fine Art
Buying fine art is a rather big decision.  It often requires a significant investment of money.  Depending upon the piece, it may also require a continual outlay of money for insurance purposes.  These are obviously important matters to consider.  However, there is another more weighty decision which you must consider first.  That thought is what we're talking about today.

Does The Fine Art Piece Speak To You?

Often, people think that the most important thing to consider when buying fine art is the price tag or where you plan on putting it.  We might even have some out there whose first thought is "how am I going to keep that clean?"  While these are important considerations indeed, they are not the first questions you should be asking yourself when buying fine art.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of the Virgin River and mountains at sunset in Zion's National Park, Utah
The first and most crucial consideration you must make in the fine art market is whether or not the piece of art you are looking at speaks to you.  Does it evoke an emotion out of you?  Do you feel something deep within when you look at it?

Perhaps you feel at peace or inspired.  You could feel anger or sadness when looking at it.  The general emotions you feel don't matter so much as whether or not you feel something at all.  If all you feel, when viewing the piece, is boredom and disinterest, then you should not buy that fine art piece.

If the fine art in front of you does not move you in some fashion, it does not matter how much you paid for it.  You will always be dissatisfied with the piece.  You will look to get rid of it at the earliest opportunity you can find.  You will also regret such a huge purchase for years to come.

Fine art is so subjective and so wide and varied that there's guaranteed to be something out there which you will like.  If you take the time to find it, no matter the price tag, you will be satisfied with your purchase of fine art for years to come.


When buying fine art, the single best question you can ask yourself is whether or not you feel something by looking at it.  If you don't, move on.  If you do, then it's a good time to check the price tag and check with your insurance company to see what your rate will be to insure the piece (your choice to do so).

While fine art photography may not be your cup of tea, for those who do enjoy it, that is what we do here at Cramer Imaging.  If you would like to check out more photos like the one above, then please follow this link to our online store where you can see more of the fine art photos we take.