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Photo of the Week 133

Photo of the Week 133
Here it is again.  It's yet another Friday and the weekend is almost upon us.  It's once again time for all of us at Cramer Imaging to unveil our pick for featured "Photo of the Week."  Thanks to spring being on it's way very soon, we've chosen a warmer photo to help remind us of what is coming our way quickly.  We've picked a photograph of the Logan Utah temple with trees budding out for this week's featured photo.

Since I started on a path of becoming a fine art photographer, I started adding pictures to my portfolio of different fine art subjects.  Among those subjects are LDS temples.  They're picturesque and beautiful.  They make for excellent photography subjects as far as I'm concerned.

I wanted to add one of the local temples to my portfolio.  Since we already had some business down that direction, we took the camera along and planned some time for a photography session.  I found that I was glad to have prepared for cold weather since the wind was still showing that early spring nip.  Sometimes fine art photography is about dealing with the elements at unpleasant times.

When we got there, the skies were cloudy.  It was perfect light for taking fine art photos of the temple.  I pulled out my camera and tripod and immediately got to work finding a shot.

With this shot, I saw some of the trees near the temple which caught my attention.  I walked around the parking lot trying to get those trees into just the right position in frame.  It did require navigating around people's parked cars in order to do so.  Once I lined up the trees against the temple the way that I wanted to, I took the shot.

When it came to processing up this shot, I thought that it looked great with its composition.  However, the lack of green in the trees made it look a bit depressing and even a bit Gothic.  That's not what an LDS temple is supposed to be about.  I toyed with the color scheme.  Black and white was acceptable.  Then I tried sepia.  The Gothic vibe I initially saw disappeared.  I decided to stick with that color palette.

Professional quality fine art photograph of the Logan Temple with a tree in sepia in Utah by Cramer Imaging