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Photo of the Week 134

Photo of the Week 134
Cramer Imaging is ready for another Friday.  It's time once again for us to show you something special.  It's in time for spring again.  At least, it's almost time.  Since flowers are already on their way, here's a quick reminder of what's to come in the next few weeks.  This fine art photograph is also our pick for featured "Photo of the Week."  Enjoy.

Once the spring flowers hit, it's not long and they grow up, open, and eventually grow ragged with time.  With this particular photograph, I wanted to capture some of the more elusive time where the flowers haven't quite opened up yet.  It's a difficult window to catch as it's not long after the flower buds reveal themselves to when they finally bloom for the first time.

I missed a couple of those windows with the garden flowers already when I went for this shot.  I didn't want to miss another window when the next batch of flowers were almost ready to go.  These tulips were just the ticket for me to try again.

After the wind and the rain, I finally got a break in the weather so that I could take a chance shoot with the flowers.  I tried several different angles with my tripod and my cable release for good measure.  I had to make sure that I didn't get too muddy in the process.

It's a difficult business trying to get a beautiful spring flower photograph early on in the season.  This is because much of the foliage is still dormant from winter.  There's not enough green to go around in some of the angles I was trying.  I had to pick just the right angle with what green leaves I could find in the flower bed.

When it came to processing up this particular shot, I decided to try out a new filter I had recently acquired.  It hadn't worked for anything else I tried before but I decided to try it again on this photo.  It worked out so well with this photo that I decided to keep it.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of four purple tulip flowers with green leaves in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho