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Photo of the Week 136

Photo of the Week 136
It's Friday again and spring is finally here!!!  Ok, so it might not look like it's here yet but it's here.  Things are going to start warming up again and beautiful flowers like today's featured "Photo of the Week" are going to start appearing in gardens here very soon.  We can't wait and we're sure that many of you can't wait either.

Today we're featuring a mid-spring flower which we won't see for a few weeks yet.  This is a golden yellow daffodil for those who don't know what it is.  They are some of the taller flowers which you can plant in your garden as bulbs.  They are big and they are bright: a perfect change from the dark and dreary of the last few months.

This photo was taken on a day when the ground had swallowed up most of the spring snow melt so it wasn't as muddy as it had been.  I felt more comfortable taking shots from the ground without a tripod and keeping clean at the same time.  I still had a challenge or two to deal with though.

My arch-nemesis, the wind, was at it again.  This is still Idaho and there's lots of wind no matter what time of year it is.  Motion blur due to wind is still a big problem to deal with in close-up photography like this.  These taller flowers bounce around so wildly in the wind that sometimes it's amazing that I can find a still moment to take a picture at all.

I decided to isolate one of the more flawless specimens I could find and darken the background at the same time.  This meant that I needed my flash unit to help control where the light was hitting.  I needed it to hit the flower and nearby foliage but not hit the background foliage and dirt.  This meant careful timing and a shallow aperture.

With patience, and several attempts, I managed to capture this photograph of the daffodil where it appears to have an almost completely black background just the way I wanted it to be.  A tiny bit of post-processing work completed the blackness.  The image is complete with the bright yellow contrasting against the deep dark with a few accents of green for added color.

 Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art nature photograph of a yellow blooming daffodil plant in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho