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Union Pacific Railroad 844 Steam Engine

Union Pacific Railroad 844 Steam Engine
We received word a couple weeks ago that we would have a unique opportunity last week.  The old Union Pacific 844 Steam Engine was coming into town and going to be in town for a couple of days.  This was just the kind of chance I have been seeking for a while.  We got out there and saw the engine.  Keep reading to see what we found.

Cramer Imaging's fine art photograph of the Union Pacific 844 Steam Engine on a train track at sunset
For those who don't already know, the Union Pacific 844 is the last steam engine currently still in operation.  It tours the country and draws a crowd wherever it goes.  In Pocatello, they parked it out on the tracks not far from the old railroad yard.  There's an open portion of fence there where the public could come up and see the train up close.

When we arrived, early in the morning, there were already people there in line and surrounding the train engine.  They were, of course, interested in checking it out for themselves.  There was even a line up and going so that people could see inside the engine area.

The volume of people present at the scene did present us with a problem.  I didn't want people in my train photos so I had to find an angle where people were not in the frame.  Thanks to how close they were clustered around the train, this required patience and creative thought.

In the end, I managed to capture this photograph of an iconic old train engine for my portfolio.  It was definitely worth the patience in the rain to get the photograph.

Have you seen the old 844 before?  We would love to hear about it.  Please share your stories in the comments section below.  Are you a fan of old style railroads?  Then you can buy fine art prints of this photo simply by following this link to our online store.