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We're In The News Again

We're In The News Again
We've got another exciting announcement for all of you, our loyal readers and fans.  We've gotten published.  Yep, that's right, we've gotten published again.  It's been a while so it's refreshing to give you all the exciting news.  If you want to learn more about where we were published, please read on.

A company called Camera Giveaways runs a weekly Photo of the Week blog post series.  They take submissions from photographers to fill out this feature each week.  You can submit all kinds of different photos from genres like portraits, weddings, landscapes, fashion, etc.  I decided to try one of my photos to see if they were interested.

I emailed them last week with the necessary information.  I received the following response the next morning.

Thank you so much for submitting this great photo! We used it today for this week's photo of the week post. Here is the link to the post for you to check out:  http://bit.ly/2pdq3Zx

We will also be posting on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day and tagging you!

Thank you again for your submission and for following Camera Giveaways! Have a wonderful week.

They posted my photo up on Facebook, Instagram, and their blog that same day.

If you would like to check out the posts for yourself, the links are below.

So, what photograph did they publish?  If you didn't already see it or take a peek, the photo they published is right below.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River near Harriman State Park, Idaho

That's right.  It's none other than our popular and award-winning landscape photo of Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River.