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Photo of the Week 142

Photo of the Week 142
It's yet another Friday and it's time to check out something amazing and beautiful.  You boss will heartily approve of this little break.  It's time to check out the photograph which Cramer Imaging has chosen to feature as our "Photo of the Week."  This week, we've got a beautiful orange tulip flower photograph for your enjoyment today.

Here is a gorgeous flower which is only this amazing for a window of a few days.  Once it opens up fully, it looks very different and starts losing its beauty and also its petals.  Once it opens all the way, the petals start to become ragged and even to fall off.  Taking a picture of the tulip while it's this beautiful and still intact is all about getting out with the camera at the right window of opportunity.

This shot was one of those where I started out trying to take a picture of something else entirely and ended up with something I love but not my original intended subject.  Most of the time, with me, these kinds of photos end up being the best out of my shoot.  It's always worth trying for something different just in case.

While I was hoping to get a shot of a duck which had flown in and was avoiding me, I decided to take a couple of minutes and concentrate on something else.  This would give the duck a chance to calm down again and maybe let me get the shot I wanted.  These tulip flowers grabbed my attention so I turned my camera in their direction.

Many of the flowers were already open to the point where I didn't care for how they looked anymore.  I had to do some looking to find a couple which were still young enough that they weren't fully open yet.  This particular bloom caught my eye.

Due to the late evening shot, I did have to contend with some wind kicking up.  I did have to wait for those moments between gusts where the flower stood still.  It was less wearing on my patience than taking pictures of the duck.

I dialed in my aperture for a shallow depth of field and took several shots at different angles to get just the framing I wanted.  Thanks to my patience with the flower and my impatience with the duck, I managed to take this beautiful photograph of an orange tulip emphasizing the striations of yellow which run throughout the petals.

 Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of an orange tulip flower against a green background in Logan, Utah

This beautiful tulip is a member of my award-winning collection.