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Photo of the Week 143

Photo of the Week 143
We've been enjoying springtime and spring flowers for several weeks now.  I think it's time that we focused on something other than flowers for a week.  What do you think there?  That's the reason why we've chosen to feature this springtime photograph of the Logan Utah temple as our featured "Photo of the Week" for this week.

When we took this trip to the Logan temple, this was the shot I was hoping to get.  I wanted a view of the temple front with the beautiful tulip flowers in the shot as well.  It had to be a time before the tulips got too old and started looking ragged too.  This shot, however, turned out to be more difficult to get than I imagined.  It was a busy weekday at the Logan temple.  This meant that there were lots of people there for lots of reasons.  Many of them were patrons but there were visitors too.  There was even a planned wedding proposal for that evening.

I started out my photo shoot trying for this shot.  Getting the right position to center the flowers up against the center of the temple takes some vision.  It also takes some orientation to find just the right line to stand on if you want to center yourself with the building.  My initial tries were less than successful there.

To distract myself, I circled around the temple grounds a couple of times taking different pictures.  I also had to worry about whether or not temple patrons were going to get in some of my shots.  I didn't want them in my pictures and I'm sure that they didn't want to be in there either.  However, it wasn't easy to get a clear view of the temple without patrons.  It was a busy day at the Logan temple after all.

When I finally got the break I was looking for, I got into position and got ready to shoot.  This was not the end to my waiting.  A family, having just come out of the temple after being joined together, was about to have their portraits taken.  The portrait photographer was willing to help me clear the patrons out of the shot but not willing to let me get my shot and clear out too.

I ended up having to wait several more minutes to get this shot while there was a portrait photographer standing right above me.  I couldn't move or I might risk messing up her shots or damaging her camera gear.  It was a very uncomfortable several minutes of letting her get her shots in while squatting on the ground.

Finally she cleared out and let me get my shot.  I then had to worry about the wedding proposal.  The friends helping set it up arrived and wanted us to clear out.  They didn't like the idea that their friend's proposal might have us accidentally in the pictures they were taking.  We cleared out before the couple arrived.

Getting the photo was a serious trial of patience and finding tiny windows of opportunity when people weren't getting in my way.  The shot ended up being worth it after all the headache.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality fine art photograph of the Logan Utah temple with orange tulips at sunset