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Photo of the Week 145

Photo of the Week 145
Hooray!  Summer's almost here.  It's also Friday.  This means that good things are just around the corner for us.  To help celebrate the good things we enjoy (warm weather, weekends), let's add a beautiful photograph to your day.  We'll start with Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week" for today.  This week, we've got a beautiful white wildflower for you to enjoy.

Before you ask, I have no idea what kind of wildflower this is.  It was there when I was on a photo shoot and I liked how it looked.  Other than what you see before you, I know nothing more about this kind of flower.

I was out on a shoot along the side of the road and waiting for the light to be just right for the shot I was after.  In the mean time, I started entertaining myself by trying for lots of different shots.  There were plenty of opportunities in that area so I got to work.

After trying for some wider angle shots, I decided to start looking at smaller details.  These flowers caught my eye.  They were just perfect for practicing my macro photography skills on with my macro lens.

These flowers were growing on a hill.  This meant that I needed to get down low in order to be at eye level with them.  Fortunately, the slope of the hill was accommodating to that angle rather than fighting it.  This also meant that I had a beautiful green backdrop of grass to shoot this photo against.

Thanks to the hill, I didn't have to worry much about wind but I did have to worry about stirring the flowers up with my own breath.  I found I needed to hold my breath for a bit in order to get this shot.

This may have been an easier shot to get than some in my portfolio, but we live for these moments of serendipity like this.

Professional quality nature macro photograph of blooming white wildflowers against green in Tetonia, Teton, Idaho by Cramer Imaging