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Utah Landscapes Challenge Winner

Utah Landscapes Challenge Winner
And the good news just keeps rolling in.  A few days ago, I received an email telling me that yet another one of my photos had been awarded.  I do love when I get good news like this.  I opened up the email to learn which photo had been awarded and what it had won.  I was in for a surprise.

The email was from Viewbug.  For those of you who have not been following, I'm a member of Viewbug and semi-regularly receive awards for my photography from off that site.  It hosts online photography contests.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of the Virgin River and mountains at sunset in Zion's National Park, Utah
The photo which had just been awarded was a surprise.  It was none other than my iconic, if cliche, photograph of Zion's National Park.  You can see it on the left.  What this beautiful photograph had won was even more of a surprise.

Viewbug has added photo challenges (or mini contests) for the members to join and judge.  I've entered many a challenge and my photos range from doing well with the popular vote to doing miserably.  It depends on the challenge and the photo I enter into it.  As it turns out, I had just won my first Viewbug challenge.

The theme of this challenge was Utah landscapes.  As you might already know, I had quite a productive year last year photographing none other than southern Utah landscapes and national parks.  I entered this photo into the challenge and expected to hear nothing back from it as usual.  This was not to be the case this time.

I'm delighted to add this photo of the Watchmen trailhead to my collection of awarded photographs.