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Photo of the Week 146

Photo of the Week 146
Hooray for another Friday and another weekend which is almost upon us.  Hooray for time together as a family and as friends.  Hooray for the summertime which is also upon us.  In celebration of this wonderful weather and free time, how about checking out an amazing photograph from the outside?  Your boss approves of this quick energy and creativity booster.

There are lots of amazing sights to see and vistas to view if you know where to go.  Here in Idaho, we have several.  Last year, we decided to check out one of them for ourselves.  We went to City of Rocks National Reserve over by Twin Falls.

The weather was looking awful as we came in.  It was raining off and on.  We weren't sure what condition the roads would be in when we arrived.  Thankfully, the park roads were sandy.  This seriously reduced the mud issues we had to deal with on that trip.

While we pulled over to check out the autograph rock with signatures from pioneers of the Oregon Trail, I pulled out my camera and started taking some pictures.  The light was great for pictures though I was not enjoying the rain.

After taking some photos of the signatures, I turned around and saw this rock formation.  Since it's on the side of the road, it often gets overlooked as something worth looking at.  I saw something in the joined peaks of this rock pile.  With the landscape in the background, it made for a beautiful photograph that day.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a rock formation at sunset in City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

This landscape photo is a member of my award-winning collection.