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Photo of the Week 149

Photo of the Week 149
It's another Friday in glorious summertime.  This means that the weekend and time outside is almost here again.  Are you ready for an adventure?  Well, to help tide you over till your own adventure can start, how about hearing about one of ours?  It's the story behind our featured "Photo of the Week."

Our story begins with a funeral.  Sadly, someone had to die in order for this story to start.  We went down to St. George for the funeral.  While we were in that neck of the woods, we decided to check out Bryce Canyon National Park.  It was reasonably close enough so we gave it a try.

Since we were a bit short of cash and time, we learned about a nature trail, free of charge, which was just down Scenic Byway 12.  It's actually a part of the national park just not in the paid entrance section.  It was perfect for us.

We made the trip out there and took the hike.  It was a nice little area which has a picturesque waterfall.  You wouldn't know that the waterfall was man-made from the look of it.  However, it's part of an irrigation canal dug by the original pioneer settlers.

We ventured all over the area in search of interesting photographs.  We took a ton of pictures.  We also checked out the Mossy Cave which is the prime feature of this nature area.

On the way out, after already taking lots of photos, my spouse needed to stop at the restrooms right by the road.  I was bored and decided to get a few last shots in while waiting.  This shot was the best shot of the day.  It started my trend of getting last minute shots and amazing shots right by the road.  Who knew that the hoodoos by the bathrooms were so photogenic?

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of red rock formations and dramatic sky in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
This photo is available in sizes up to 16x24 inches.

This beautiful landscape photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.