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Photo of the Week 152

Photo of the Week 152
Hello, it's Friday again and we, here at Cramer Imaging, have a little something special designed to help get you through the rest of your work day.  It's called our featured "Photo of the Week."  Each week, we pick one of our photos from our portfolio and tell you the story which went into getting this particular photo.  You boss will approve of this quick creative break.

So, this photo is obviously from Bryce Canyon, Utah.  If you've been there, you know the view.  If you want more specifics, it's Sunrise Point, one of the first nature trails you can find in the park.

When we finally got check out Bryce Canyon National Park proper for ourselves, our first stop was at Sunrise Point.  It's a couple minute hike in from the parking lot but it's well worth the view as you can see.  There was also a storm on the horizon which added something to the day: clouds and humidity.

I started taking pictures from the minute I saw this incredible view.  It was just too good to not.  I also decided that I wanted to try a panorama since there's no way that you could capture the grandness of the canyon in a single photograph.  It's just too big and grand.

After taking several photos, we elected to take the Queen's Garden trail: a steep trail of almost a mile.  On the way down, I got to keep seeing the wide vista open up again from time to time.  Partway down this trail, and before we were too beat to take photos, I set up the tripod and went for another panorama shot.  It was this shot.

Once I got to where I could process up all my many photos of the day, getting this panorama stitched up was one of my top priorities.  I wanted to see how it turned out and whether it would be worth keeping.  This was the much anticipated result.  There's really no better way than this panorama photograph to appreciate the vastness of the canyon without actually going and seeing it for yourself.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape panorama photograph of the view at Sunrise Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah