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Photo of the Week 157

Photo of the Week 157
So, you're back already?  That's odd.  I must have forgotten something.  Oh, that's it.  It's Friday and you all are expecting a "Photo of the Week."  Well, lucky for you, that's just what we've got here for you today.  Check out this week's pick.  It's the Twin Falls Idaho temple.

I started a collection of photographs of local temples.  I noticed I had Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Logan.  I was missing one.  I needed to add Twin Falls to that group.  So I started looking for an opportunity to do just that.

My chance presented itself on Pioneer Day, of all things.  For those who don't know, Pioneer Day (or Utah Founders' Day) is the 24th of July.  Even though many of us here in Eastern Idaho have never lived in Utah, it's still a local holiday around here too.  This means, just like in Utah, the temples close.

I wanted to go to temple grounds that day for some photography but I found that all the local temples were closed.  All of them, that is, except for Twin Falls.  I guess it's out far enough that they don't worry about Pioneer Day like people in Pocatello and Idaho Falls do.  This was my chance.

It was a hot day that July.  There was hardly a cloud in the sky.  It was nothing but direct sunlight.  This made for some terrible photography but was at least not unpleasant to walk the temple grounds with.  I still wanted my shot though.

When I noticed this small patch of clouds in the sky, I made efforts to get it in the right place.  I wanted it in the frame with the temple so I didn't have boring and empty blue skies.  The clouds didn't stay long so I was glad I moved when I did.

I also had a truck to deal with.  There was a truck pulled up in front of the temple which was not moving.  It wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.  This meant I had to get creative with my angles.  I tried all sorts of angles to get the truck out of the shot.  Some were more successful than others.  This was one of those shots.

Professional quality fine art photograph of the Twin Falls Idaho temple front glowing by Cramer Imaging