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Photo of the Week 159

Photo of the Week 159
Hello again loyal readers.  It's once again Friday.  You know what that's time to find out what Cramer Imaging has chosen for featured "Photo of the Week."  I must say it's exciting.  This week, we've got something special for the arrival of the Eastern Idaho State Fair this week.

This week, we've got something very colorful for you.  We've got a long exposure shot of a Ferris wheel from a previous year's fair.  It wasn't an easy shot to get either.  Here's how we got this shot in a crowd of people.  It wasn't easy either.

We had spent the day at the fair.  It was fun.  We checked out lots of exhibits and took time to ride the carnival rides, Ferris wheel included.  Being that it was such a fun day and I had my camera with me, I decided to try for some photos of the fair.  The iconic giant wheel dominating the skies was top on the list.

After taking a couple of nice and romantic rides on the Ferris wheel, I decided that I wanted a night shot of the ride all lit up against the contrasting black sky.  This meant waiting until full dark to try for the picture.  After dark, we moved in for the shot.  The next problem was that there were still people enjoying the carnival.  I didn't want people in the shot I was going for.  We waited for the crowd to thin.  It was a lot of waiting.

Finally, it was getting close to the fair closing for the night.  I got myself set up close to the giant wheel and prepared for the shot.  The first several attempts were simply of the wheel stationary.  They were a lot less spectacular than I was hoping for.  I was a bit disappointed until I remembered the technique of getting the full wheel lit up with a long exposure.

This sounded interesting but presented some real challenges.  I had to darken the shot enough that the several second exposure would not overpower and overexpose.  I also had to make sure that the few straggling carnival guests were not in the shot either.  Since I wanted the wheel moving, I couldn't just ask the attendant to wait for a few seconds while I took my photos.  I had to capture the shot while there were guests riding.

It took several attempts with the neutral density filter before I managed to get proper exposure settings dialed into the camera.  Then I had to time things so that the people moving through the frame would not be visible in the final photograph.  It was an exercise in patience as I had to re-shoot several times to get his shot.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality long exposure fine art photograph of carnival Ferris wheel at Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho