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Photo of the Week 160

Photo of the Week 160
What a relief.  Friday is here at last.  It's almost time for the weekend and some relaxation from the work week.  In order to help you finish up today, we've got an employer approved break for you.  Check out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week."  It's just the creative boost you need to finish the week.

The beginning of the photo goes back to a funeral which we had the month before.  We took a trip down to that neck of the woods to be with family and comfort them in their loss.  It was crowded to stay with most of those relatives so we found alternate accommodations.  We were 30 minutes away from Bryce Canyon but unable to go see the park itself thanks to some scheduling conflicts.  We weren't happy about it.

The next month, when we found ourselves traveling back that way for a baby who put his mother through a week of 2 minute contractions before finally being born, we made a point of stopping by the national park.  The tension each day was overpowering until the baby finally arrived.  It was a huge relief to finally get out of the house without an impending arrival hanging over our heads.

We explored several sections of the park.  This was totally new scenery for us but strangely familiar as much of the flora and even the fauna are similar to what we see just outside our front door in Pocatello.  It was a bit eerie that way.

When sunset arrived, we were tired and hungry after a day full of adventure.  We decided that we wanted to return for some food.  On the way down from Sunset Point, I got the feeling that we needed to go back.  There was something I would miss if we didn't return to the canyon.  I've learned to listen to these impressions as, most of the time, listening pays off.  This time was no exception.

We arrived back at the point just in time for the magic window of pink light to kiss the canyon below.  The clouds above were lit on fire with the light of the setting sun.  It was perfect.  All I needed was the right composition and I had a shot.  Upon returning, there were lots of tourists taking photos but I managed to squeeze in and find a space to take this shot.

I also had a breakthrough moment when I recognized that the best light for photography had started and when it was over.  That pink light window is small.  This was the day that I recognized I now had that skill and this was the shot I captured thanks to that newfound skill.

When I pulled this shot up on the computer screen, even in the raw and unprocessed form, I was still amazed at what I had managed to capture with my camera.  Those moments are starting to become a bit more frequent, but this is where it began.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape and nature photograph of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah at Sunset Point

This beautiful landscape photograph is a member of my award-winning collection.  If you find this scenic vista to be as inspiring as we do and want to continue drawing inspiration from it, just follow this link to our online store where you can buy fine art prints of it today.