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Photo of the Week 161

Photo of the Week 161
Oh, great, I'm so glad that I looked at my calendar.  Today is Friday.  It's time for us to announce our featured "Photo of the Week" for all of you to enjoy.  So, this week, we've got one out of the wildlife vein for your viewing pleasure.  This wild finch photo is just what the doctor ordered for your productivity break.

Wildlife is a difficult subject for me mostly because it deals with animals and animals are notoriously uncooperative as subjects, models, actors, etc.  I keep at it though.  Occasionally I actually capture a photo which I can be proud of.  This is one such photo.

I walked out of the bedroom one afternoon to see some wild birds outside of the picture window in the front room.  I also noticed that my cat had spotted them as well.  She was sure enjoying the cat TV just outside of the glass.

The birds were coming in for the bird seed hanging just out of frame in this shot.  They would stick around for a few seconds, notice that they were being watched, and take off in a hurry.  No one likes being watched by a large predator.  I couldn't blame them at all for flying off at the first sign of a cat.

I decided I would try out a wildlife photo with the birds while they were still in range.  I quickly grabbed my camera and telephoto lens and got to work.  It was difficult to time getting my photos focused with my cat scaring off my photo subjects whenever she got too close so the birds could see her through the window.  I persevered and kept my eyes on the prize I wanted: a quality photograph of a wild bird.

I took several shots where the birds were not in focus or were badly blurred thanks to motion.  It got a bit discouraging.  Then this little bird decided to stay put just long enough for me to capture it in focus through the window (a difficult task on its own).

In my vision of the photo, I wanted to isolate the bird from the backdrop and make it the focal point of the shot.  This meant that I wanted the soft background in this shot so I used a wide open aperture.  Thanks in part to the darker room I was standing in, I needed that open aperture for a proper exposure.  The background was uninteresting but that's how I wanted it.  The details of the bird's feathers are beautifully captured for shooting through a window too.

Cramer Imaging's professional nature animal photograph of a wild finch bird perched on a black rod in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho