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White and Light

White and Light The early season snow lately has been a mixed blessing.  While it makes travel to some of the most beautiful parts of Idaho much more difficult, it also yields some of the most beautiful scenes in Idaho if you know where to go.  Henry's Lake is one such place to go.

I had been wanting to go take a picture for a while.  Sometimes that feeling is powerful.  This was one such time for me.

I thought about where I wanted to go.  I landed on Henry's Lake as my decision.  We made the drive to the northern part of Island Park to the state park there for a shot at the lake.  Thankfully, the roads weren't as treacherous as they could be given the snow.

I surveyed the area and noticed that there were lots of wild ducks, geese, and even pelicans which were enjoying a portion of the lake.  I got hopeful that I could include some of the wild birds in my shot.  I don't have much luck with wildlife photography but I still try it every so often.

It was the beginning of the golden hour: the time of day when the sun is low in the sky and the light becomes soft and diffuse.  There are no harsh shadows nor overblown highlights to mar an otherwise beautiful landscape photograph.

I noticed that a pair of pelicans were swimming off from the main flock and starting to drift towards the mountains which were now displaying beautiful light.  If only I could capture the arrival of those birds.

Cramer Imaging's landscape and nature photograph of Henry's Lake, Island Park,  Idaho with snow-capped mountains and white pelicans swimming

I waited until they arrived in the perfect location on the lake and started snapping pictures.  The soft light of the cold sunset contrasted with the harsh movement of the water chop which kicks up with the late evening winds.

The birds look very content to be swimming despite the wind whipping up small waves.  It's like they're saying "we've arrived and we're content."