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A Gift For Paul Michael Glaser

A Gift For Paul Michael Glaser A few weeks ago, we had a unique opportunity at Cramer Imaging.  We had the chance to make a presentation to a celebrity and Hollywood director who came as a guest to a recent event held here in Pocatello.  We made sure to give him something special in addition to getting photos so we could share them all with you.

So, what was this event, do you ask?  Who was the celebrity and director?  What did we give him?  All very good questions.

The man is Paul Michael Glaser of the original "Starsky and Hutch" tv show.  He took his Hollywood career in the direction of directing after starring as Starsky.  He is responsible for putting out shows like "Shark Tank."

Cramer Imaging's Audrey and Ken meeting Paul Michael Glaser at the Snake River Comic Con 2017

The event is the first ever Snake River Comic Con held in Pocatello over the weekend of Sept 30 through Oct 1, 2017.

The gift was requested by Helen Might, a member of the Comic Con staff, as a matted and framed 16x24 inch print of our popular "Misty Mountains" photograph.  She felt that this photo of the Teton mountains best represented the area of where the comic con was held.  There's also that nice reference to the Lord of the Rings series in the title of the photo.

Cramer Imaging's black and white landscape photograph of Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Presenting the photo is Matt Davenport of KPVI channel 6 and Helen Might of the comic con staff.  The presentation photos are courtesy of Mandy Daigle.

When Paul received the gift from the Comic Con staff, he was saying that he was looking for lighting like that on the mountains for a painting he was working on.  It was quite the compliment.

Audrey displaying Cramer Imaging's gift to Paul Michael Glaser at the Snake River Comic Con 2017

Paul displayed this photo in his room for the duration of the event.  Afterwards, it was sent to him at his home.

We were pleased to be a part of making this comic con special for one of the VIP's who make events like this special for the attendees.

Photograph of a framed and matted version of Cramer Imaging's Misty Mountains photo in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming