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How to Curate Your Own Personal Art Gallery

How to Curate Your Own Personal Art Gallery
Lots of people dream of having the kind of money and home where they can amass lots of high quality possessions.  One of these possessions is a fine art collection worthy of any top notch art gallery.  Many people believe that this dream is entirely outside their reach and so don't bother or go for knock-offs of well known works of art.  The truth is that you can curate your own fine art gallery right now if you know a few simple rules.

To start, an art gallery is merely a place to display a collection of art.  Most of the effort required for creating a personal art gallery is directed towards creating your own personal art collection and displaying it in a properly prepared space.  To that end, here are some rules for creating your own art gallery and collection.

Photograph of Cramer Imaging's fine art photographs 'Union Pacific 844 Steam Engine' and 'Idaho Falls Temple' on the wall of a living room setting
You don't need a ton of money to curate your own fine art collection and gallery.  You just need patience.

1. Money Isn't Everything

Cramer Imaging's professional quality photograph of a hand holding a one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bill in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
While you might think that you need tons of money to curate a proper art collection and gallery space, you would be wrong.  You don't need to be vomiting money to create a satisfying and beautiful collection of quality art.  You simply need time and personal taste.

Yes, you will need some money but not as much as you think.  There are beautiful pieces of art out there by unknown artists and pieces of art which people don't yet know are valuable if you know where to look.  Every collection starts out small.  Don't be ashamed.  Dig in and have fun.

2. Not All Unknown Artists Are Worthless

When creating their own personal art collections, many people fall into the trap of believing that unknown artists have no talent and, because of this, are not worth the money.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are plenty of artists out there who simply haven't come to people's attention but have plenty of talent and regularly create beautiful works of art.  They might require more effort to find but their art can be just as satisfying for a fraction of the cost of well known works of art.

3. Have a Place to Display Your Art Collection

Lots of people start into the world of collecting art without a though for where they will keep it.  This means that it often will end up in a pile in some back closet someplace.  This isn't why you bought the art.  You bought it because you like to look at it.  You need a place to display it.  This means that you make a place for proud display.

Make sure that there are is nothing blocking the viewing area of your art so everyone can see the full picture without distractions.  The art is supposed to be the prominent feature.  Anything taking away from that should be removed.  You might consider putting in some chairs or other seating arrangements for people to enjoy your art collection in comfort.

4. Consider How the Art Will Be Lit

Cramer Imaging's photograph example of fine art hung on the wall and illuminated by a nearby light source
No one buys a piece of art, no matter the cost, to stick away in a dark corner of the house.  You need to make sure your art collection is properly lit for all to enjoy.  This might mean looking into individual lights for each picture in a frame or getting brighter watt light bulbs.

Whatever the individual challenges of the space in which you live and will be displaying your art, you will need to make sure your art is properly lit for people to enjoy it.  If you want to read more on the subject of lighting fine art, check out our article about lighting here.

5. Consider How You Arrange Your Art

I put careful thought into how these photos were arranged for a gallery show.
While a single huge picture can probably fill a wall and create a center of attention, you're not looking to do that.  You want an art gallery, meaning lots of different pieces of art.  You will need to consider which pieces of art will work together and which will not.  Each piece is amazing on its own but might detract from another if placed too close to it.

Consider the theme and flow of your art gallery.  What paintings or photographs or sculptures will look best next to each other?  It takes effort and thought.  This is what the professional curators do with the galleries and exhibitions they create.  You should consider doing this too.

6. Consider Insuring Your Art Collection

If you're creating your own personal art gallery, then you are investing some serious time and money, even over a great distance of time.  Some of the pieces you buy might be one-of-a-kind.  Others might be limited editions which cannot easily be replaced if something like a house fire happens.  You insure your home and your car because they are expensive and valuable.  Why is your personal art gallery collection any different?

7. Remember to Have Fun

Cramer Imaging's fine art photograph of the Union Pacific 844 Steam Engine on a train track at sunset
Lots of personal art collections are built on a theme such as a subject matter, medium, or artist.  When creating your own personal art collection, you can follow patterns and trends like those or you can just pick art that you like and display it proudly in your own personal gallery at home.  It's your art collection.  Do what you want and don't worry about what others think.

Creating an art collection and art gallery is about style, taste, and personality.  If you like a piece of art, there's a good reason for it.  Consider displaying it in your own personal collection.  You'll probably love the results.


Curating your own personal art gallery is mostly about curating your own personal art collection.  A tiny portion is about making sure it is protected in case of emergency.  The rest is making sure that your art is properly displayed where people can see and enjoy it.

Creating your own personal art gallery will be a labor of love over the course of several years.  It will be a highly pleasurable experience to gaze into beautiful art on your wall and to show it off to your family and friends.  Good luck on the journey.

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