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Photo of the Week 164

Photo of the Week 164 It's an exciting time.  It's the first Friday in autumn this year.  This means that we get to feature some of our best fall leaves photos from the past.  That's exactly what we're doing here today.  We're featuring a fall leaf photo as our chosen "Photo of the Week" for your viewing pleasure.

Maple leaves are famous for their wide variety of color, but specifically for their deep red.  While we don't get the proper angle of light in this neck of the woods for maple leaves to turn that color, we do get some amazing color range in the yellow and orange side of things.

Pocatello doesn't feature to many of these colorful trees.  It's sad but true.  I did spot some in Idaho Falls so I pulled out my camera and got to work.

In the past, I'd gone for the macro shot of autumn leaves.  I went in close with a nice and soft bokeh to frame the subject matter.  I wanted to try something different with this shot.  I wanted a more wide angle shot out of this tree.

To start, it can be difficult to get the shot you want while subtracting the suburban neighborhood out of the frame.  I had to get close to the tree and shoot up in order to remove the houses from view.  I also had to worry about what lens to use.  It was clear that telephoto was not the way to go.  I needed my wide angle lens and tripod for this work.

I wanted to capture the wide range of color that the tree was displaying in addition to some of the tree itself.  I also wanted to minimize the boring and overcast sky which was right behind.  It was a balancing act to get enough of the tree with as little of the sky as possible.

I also had my arch-nemesis to deal with.  Thanks to the late afternoon in late September, I had the wind out on my shoot with me.  I didn't want motion blur so I had to adjust camera settings accordingly and take breaks in the breeze when they came.  This was the best shot which I captured that day.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of orange maple leaves on a tall maple tree in Idaho Falls, Idaho