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Photo of the Week 165

Photo of the Week 165 If you're expecting a photo feature today, then we've got something special for you.  It's a very cliché image if you follow the crowds of landscape photography but there's more to the story than just that.  This photo almost didn't happen.  It's here for your enjoyment thanks to me being in the right place at the right time to learn of the opportunity.

It was a not-so-chilly November day when we took a trip down to Zion's National Park in southern Utah.  After having checked out Bryce Canyon on a previous visit, I was anxious to check out another gem in landscapes which was close by.  We took the hour long trip down to the national park from Panguitch.

The adventure started out quite normally but quickly turned to comedy as we found out the GPS point we were using took us into the middle of a small town's residential neighborhood.  There was even a sign up telling us that we weren't going in the correct direction.  I guess our error in navigation was common enough that the locals had a sign made.  Once we got back out on the road and heading in the correct direction, we got back to a normal road trip.

This national park is one of the bigger attractions in the United States.  There's lots of tourists which pass through the gates everyday.  It's always warm enough that the park doesn't close.  There's enough foot traffic that the park cut off general tourist access up the main canyon area except by park tour buses.

We had our sights set on several different locations but came away empty-handed that first day.  Nothing was as I hoped.  Still, we took another trip as our park pass was good for a full week.  That time, we brought some family and set our sights on the Riverwalk trail at the far end of tram canyon.

I spent most of the trip taking lots of different shots in the terrible direct sunlight and trying to make them work.  It was looking like it would be another one of those trips were I got nothing.  I was tired and feeling a bit defeated.

We were riding the tram back out to the car when the driver announced that we could see photographers gathering on the bridge ahead to catch the late afternoon light on the mountain.  I immediately knew where I had to be in a few minutes.

It wasn't difficult to convince my spouse to let me try the shot.  Thankfully, we'd had several episodes of me getting a beautiful and unexpected last-minute shot which made the trip worth it.  I hurried over to the bridge with my camera and tripod in tow.

I found that there was space on the widened bridge for me but there were several photographers there already so I had little elbow room.  I made the most of it and started looking for how to frame the Virgin River in the shot with the light on the mountain overlooking the Watchmen trail-head.  This was the only good shot I walked away with that day but that made it all worth it.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of the Virgin River and mountains at sunset in Zion's National Park, Utah

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