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Photo of the Week 167

Photo of the Week 167 It's almost time for Halloween this year.  Since that holiday does not fall on a Friday, we thought we would use this Friday's featured "Photo of the Week" to get you in the mood for the upcoming fun.  This week, we've got something seasonal with a black bird on dead tree branches for your enjoyment.

We were out on a photo shoot at Craters of the Moon National Monument when I wanted to try and hike up this very steep trail for a view.  It wasn't something my spouse wanted to do so I braved the hot and steep hike in the direct sun straight up to the top of the hill in search of a good vista to photograph.

The view at the top of the hill was quite a view to behold but not particularly photogenic.  I started searching around for options which might make for and interesting foreground and then I heard it.

I heard what sounded like a medium sized bird nearby.  I wanted to see if it was a bird I couldn't normally get a photo of.  I checked around and kept tracing the sound until I finally located the bird.  It was a medium black bird sitting out on some dead branches on the edge of the hill.  I wanted to try for a wildlife shot while I had the chance.

I grabbed my telephoto lens and started taking pictures of the bird while slowly moving closer.  I didn't want to move too close too quickly and scare it away before having a chance at getting a good shot.  This was a matter of patience taking a couple of steps at a time and a couple of shots and trying again.

Soon, the other tourists up on the hill noticed what I was doing.  They started heading my direction and started trying for pictures of the bird too.  I was getting extra worried about how long the bird would stay.  Fortunately, the others didn't disturb the bird or try to get as close to it as I was trying to do.  I could complete my attempt without too much concern.

The closer I got, the more I realized that the bird wasn't extraordinary.  It was just a crow.  Disappointed, I kept trying as I felt it was a good time to practice wildlife photography skills.  I kept stepping forward until the bird finally decided to fly off.

Wildlife photography is very difficult as wild animals are scared of people and will leave if they feel threatened.  It's a matter of patience and keeping your distance in order to get a shot.  While this crow wasn't what I was hoping for that day, it was good practice and the resulting photograph is particularly seasonal to Halloween.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of black bird animal perched on tree in Craters of the Moon National Monument