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We're Being Featured Again

We're Being Featured Again Here's another exciting announcement for us at Cramer Imaging.  We've been published again.  Someone took a look at one of our photos and decided to feature it.  If you would like to know more about who and where, please keep reading.

Pleased with the success we had last time we submitted a photo to Camera Giveaways back in April, we decided to try again after waiting for a while.  We didn't want to flood them with submissions.  That would overwhelm them.

So, last week we sent them another email with a popular photo of ours.  We chose "Ancient Red Skyscrapers" this time.  It seemed like it would be a perfect fit for what they are trying to do with their photo of the week series.  We found out last week that they had decided to feature it as their photo of the week.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of red rock formations and dramatic sky in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Use this link to see their blog post featuring this photo.
Here's a link to their Facebook post talking about this photo.

Thank you so much Camera Giveaways for your decision to feature us again.