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Photo of the Week 168

Photo of the Week 168 It's another Friday.  Perhaps our special topic will help warm you up from winter's coming cold.  We've chosen our featured "Photo of the Week" and now it's time to share it with all of you and the story of how we captured this photo.  This week, we're featuring this photograph of a white mountain goat.

This photo all started with a simple Facebook Messenger request from someone looking for a Christmas gift for his wife.  He wanted to give her a framed photograph of a moose.  Why?  I don't know.  He was wondering if I had such he could buy.  I didn't.

Not wanting to let down a potential customer, I decided that I wanted to go about getting one for him.  The problem is that moose are rather reclusive creatures and also very dangerous.  It was also getting to the time of year when they disappear.  Also, many of their known locations also close up for the season thanks to poor driving conditions with snow.  I was against the clock.

I figured that my best option for getting a moose photo would be to go to a local zoo.  I found one which was currently featuring a moose exhibit and made the trip.

There was indeed a moose there.  The problem was that he was behind chain-link fence and there was no good way to get a shot without the fence.  It was disappointing but I decided to make the best of the trip and see what other kinds of photos I could get while I was there.

I made several passes through the animal exhibits looking for the right kind of shot.  Thanks to the afternoon sun directly overhead, the light was terrible and most of the animals were looking for shade to hide in.  Photography opportunities were scarce.  I also had to contend with the fact that wildlife photography is one of the more difficult branches of photography thanks to the nature of wild animals: they don't cooperate.

During one last pass, I noticed that some of the mountain goats had decided to move from the shade of their rock and come out into the sunlight.  I brought my camera up and started taking shots.  I managed to capture this photo of a single mountain goat against the deep orange leaves of the season just as it was time to go.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a white mountain goat climbing a rock pile with autumn leaves in Rigby, Idaho