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Photo of the Week 169

Photo of the Week 169 It's time once again.  It's almost time for the weekend.  Since you've got a few hours to kill at work in the mean time, how about a much needed creative break?  Boost your productivity with checking out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week."  This week, we've got some of the American Southwest for you to enjoy.

Ever taken a hike which really taxes your strength because of the steepness?  That was the beginning of this photo: a long and steep hike in Bryce Canyon National Park.

During our first trip into the national park, we decided to check out the Queen's Garden trail.  It was a little over a mile long and seemed like it would be a relatively easy trek.  That was a serious misjudgment on our part.  I started to realize this as I started seeing benches every few feet on the way down into the canyon.

We reached the garden and were rewarded with a nice view.  We also had to search for why that area was titled "Queen's Garden."  We missed the big sign coming in.  Once we found it, we learned that there is a particular hoodoo (sandstone rock formation) which some say resembles a statue of Queen Victoria in England.  The hoodoo had eroded a little since the photo for that sign was taken.  It was less recognizable.  That was disappointing.

On the way down, we had passed through several doorways in the sandstone which I found interesting.  On the way back up, I decided that I wanted to try for a shot through the arch at the surrounding landscape.  It's quite the shot to get.  This doorway arch provided the perfect opportunity once I had sat down and caught my breath.  The hike back out is very steep.

Getting the right angle on the arch with some interesting background was interesting.  Getting the shot without some tourists coming through the shot was even more interesting.  The park was popular that day and several people were making the trek down the trail.  I found my window of time and got the shot in.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a walkway arch pointing to a landscape in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah