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Photo of the Week 171

Photo of the Week 171 Hello Friday photography fans.  It's once again time for you to receive the answer to your burning question.  What will Cramer Imaging choose for featured "Photo of the Week?"  We're here to answer that question for you today.

This week, we've picked a photo from the LDS Temples collection.  We're featuring the Logan Utah Temple today.

This photo was taken on a cloudy day as you can probably guess from the background behind the building itself.  It was one of those shots where you take something just to try something out and find that your experiment was successful.

We had taken the trip to expand our portfolio of LDS temples.  Logan is reasonably close and very popular in this area.  It seemed a logical choice to expand with.

There wasn't anything particularly special about how we got this shot.  I wanted to try a symmetric steeple shot.  It meant I didn't need to worry about whether or not people were going to be in my shot.  It was simply point the camera up and frame the image.

When it came to processing up this image, the composition was spot on but the dull gray color of the shot wasn't doing it.  The photo needed more warmth.  That came in the form of some color adjustments which turned this photo into something worthy of displaying on your wall.

Professional quality fine art photograph of the Logan temple spire at sunset in Utah by Cramer Imaging

Were you married in the Logan Utah temple?  Does this temple mean something special to you?  Looking for a different approach from some of the traditional photos of the building?  You might try this shot.  Follow this link to our online store where you can order a copy for yourself today.