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Photo of the Week 172

Photo of the Week 172 Hello again photography fans.  It's Friday once again and I know you've all been waiting for this.  Well, it's time once again for Cramer Imaging to unveil our pick for featured "Photo of the Week."  This week, we've chosen something seasonal.  We've got a naturally frozen arch.

Ok, so this arch isn't more than a foot tall.  It's still an arch created naturally.  The weed grew there all by itself and the snow fell then melted there all on its own.  I just found it and thought it was interesting.

This photo started as a case of cabin fever in the winter.  It really does get tiring to have to stay inside all day everyday because the weather sucks.  When some snow fell, it felt like a great time to go patrol outside in the yard for some new winter photos.

Yes, it was cold.  I had to bundle up like normal for this time of year.  That does make taking photos just that little bit more difficult as now I've got extra layers and thick gloves to work around with the delicate and precise controls of the camera.  Somehow, I still make it work though I'm not always sure how.

After doing a couple of loops around, shivering the whole time, I happened to find this weed frozen to the ground like this.  I didn't give it much thought at first.  It was just another frozen and dead weed which I was glad to be without.  But I kept thinking about it.

Right before I was so cold that I had to return back inside, I decided to try out a few shots of this weed.  I knew that it wouldn't be there forever.  All it would take is a good thaw and the snow and ice would be gone.

Getting a good angle to show off the arch without the winterized air conditioner unit or the grape vine arbor was interesting.  I had to get low and zoom way in.  I also had to keep it steady so that there wouldn't be motion blur (quite a feat when you're busy shivering with cold).  Somehow, I kept it together long enough to capture this shot of the frozen weed.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality nature photograph of a weed or grass frozen in an icicle in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho