How to Shoot Epic Photos

It seems that everyone everywhere these days is highly concerned with pursuing the "epic."  Nothing less than the jaw-dropping and utterly astounding will do.  Many photographers choose to pursue and obsess over this dilemma as well.  Even the casual photographer seeks to capture something which people will rave about and will share to viral proportions on social media.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming of photographing something epic.  I would like to discuss how to stop dreaming and how to actually shoot something epic on your camera.

Photo of the Week

Our featured "Photo of the Week" for this week is this classic and amazing photograph of a white pelican against a rocky background.  Achieving a photograph like this of a live animal is always a challenge which requires a great deal of patience and luck in timing your shutter.  This photograph was absolutely no exception to that.

Announcing the Winner of Our Landscape Photo

Cramer Imaging hosted a contest to giveaway a free copy of our landscape photo of Upper Mesa Falls.  This contest ran from September 15th, 2014 to October 15th, 2014.  Entries required liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and signing up for our newsletter.

We are pleased to announce the winner of our free landscape photograph giveaway:

Mouth-Watering Autumn Fruit Photos

The days are growing shorter and the leaves are starting to change their color.  It is time for the fall fruit to ripen.  Around Southeastern Idaho, there are some favorites of seasonal fruit which are reaching their peak flavor right about now.  These include apples, pears, and plums.  The trees are full of these kinds of fruits and they are ready to be enjoyed by the first hungry to get a hold of them.

Photo of the Week

Cramer Imaging is featuring this lovely and amazing fine art photograph as our "Photo of the Week" for this week.  I get asked many times what exactly this is a picture of.  It honestly puzzles me that it isn't immediately obvious to people.  Top guesses include a wing, a comet, and a feather.  Can you guess what it is?  Keep reading to find out for sure.