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Photo of the Week 32

Friday has rolled around again and so has spring-time.  The flowers are starting to wake up again.  To kick off this new season, and the warmer weather that comes with it, we have decided to feature this lovely blue wildflower photograph as our "Photo of the Week."

A Musical Edge

Soul-moving and lilting strains of music can be heard from many a quiet practice room.  Brassy, reeded, percussive, and more describe the timbres (or sound qualities) of what you will hear.  Through these sounds you can experience the greatest joys and the deepest sorrows you have ever felt.  You cannot help but be moved by what you hear whether you like the music or not.

Photo of the Week 31

Our Friday "Photo of the Week" feature for this week turns up north of Pocatello to Idaho Falls.  The LDS temple, situated on the Snake River, is a major tourist attraction in the area.  Naturally, this means it is highly photographed subject matter.  It is a rare thing, though, to see a photograph this dynamic and epic.

Early Spring Flowers Arrived

Winter is losing its touch for this season.  Things are thawing out and the snow is disappearing.  The wind has kicked up.  The frost has left the ground.  These are all signs of early spring in this neck of the woods.  The final sign is that the early spring flowers are appearing from their cozy cocoons in the ground.  Time has come to pull out the camera again.

Photo of the Week 30

Winter has been getting me down lately.  It's that time of year when patience for warmer weather and more color runs very thin but Mother Nature is not yet ready to change the season.  So I decided to remind myself of summer with this week's gorgeous "Photo of the Week."