Local LDS Temples Photo Tour

The skies were dark with the setting sun already behind the mountains and the gathering storm clouds when I set up my camera to take a picture: a picture to define my work as a photographer.   I desperately hoped that it would not start raining or snowing on me or the light fail me completely and end my photo session early.  Even if the weather was bound to be disagreeable, I was prepared to take the shot anyways.  Fine art photography requires sacrifice.

Photo of the Week 18

For the final "Photo of the Week" just before Christmas, we are pleased to feature this amazing fine art photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple.  The grounds are all decorated up with Christmas lights which adds the festive touch to the final image.  These lights are only up and lit for about a month so there is a narrow window of time in which to enjoy them.

How to Optimize Your Family Christmas Portraits

Do you loathe doing family Christmas portraits every year?  Does the idea of choosing an outfit for your family turn your stomach into knots?  Are your children absolute monsters in front of the camera?  Is your schedule so full with shopping for that perfect gift that you are concerned about having time for a portrait session?  Are you afraid to see what the photographers have chosen for backdrops and props this year?  Are you justifiably concerned about your photo order arriving on time for card delivery before Christmas?  Does any of this remind you of your family around the holidays?  What can you do about it?  Cramer Imaging would like to share a few tips to reduce your holiday stress about your family's Christmas portraits.

Photo of the Week 17

This week's "Photo of the Week" feature is this unique and lovely photograph of an arrangement of some Christmas decorations.  This kind of still life work is common for holiday themed photography.  This was our take on some of the traditional Christmas decorations.

New Custom Christmas Card Options Available

Christmas season has come again and it is time for us to blow some dust off of and freshen up some of our custom products.  We have been busy lately generating some beautiful, new, and exciting custom Christmas cards for all of you: our customers.  These new card designs will be replacing several of our previous products.  We invite all of you to check out our new lineup by following this link to our custom Christmas cards page.  We hope that you will love what you see as we are super excited to be offering them to you.