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Photo of the Week 140

It's another wonderful Friday.  The weekend has come and there's only a few more hours between you and a nice relaxing break.  It's time for you to take a second and breathe.  Check out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week" to help you do just that.  This week, we've got a beautiful shot of the Logan Utah temple in springtime to help cheer you up.
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Paging Don Quixote

Last week, we took a drive out to the Ririe reservoir area in hopes of getting a photo of the lake which we could use as a portfolio addition.  Sadly, our normal luck with getting the shot we came for struck again.  On the way out, I noticed something about the wind turbines which were scattered around in the farm field just above the lake.  It was also sunset.  You know what this means.
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Cramer Imaging Will Be At The "Expressions Of Light" Art Exhibition

We've got an exciting bit of news for all of you.  It's something which we've been hoping to do for a while.  We've finally gotten the chance to be a part of an art gallery showing here locally.  For those of you who are local, please keep reading so you can come check it out for yourself.
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Photo of the Week 139

Hooray!  It's Friday once again.  It's also time for a break in your day.  Instead of scrolling through Facebook, how about checking out Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week?"  This week, we've chosen to feature a beautiful photograph which will help brighten your day.  We hope that you enjoy.
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What Are Fine Art Prints?

Fine art photographers everywhere talk a lot about fine art prints.  Here at Cramer Imaging, we do a lot of talking about it too.  It sounds like a very nebulous and ill-defined term.  If this is what you think, you would be correct.  However, let's define what a fine art print is a little more, at least in terms of what we offer here at Cramer Imaging.