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Photo of the Week 23

It's Friday again and time for another featured "Photo of the Week."  For this time, we have chosen to feature this profile head shot of a crane.  Unlike some animals, this crane was rather easy to photograph as it was so camera friendly that day.

Special Considerations Your Photographer Needs to Know About

Professional photographers of all kinds have their lists of information which they need to know before a photo shoot.  On that list is information like what kind of shoot it will be, how many people to expect, where the photo shoot will take place, and how much will the client pay for the shoot.  While this is not an exhaustive list of general but necessary information, there are some other more specific pieces of information which your photographer will want to know but may not think of asking about.  Here are some of those necessary points to share with your professional photographer.

Photo of the Week 22

For this week's "Photo of the Week," we have decided to feature this photograph of a robin sitting on a branch at twilight.  Catching a bird singing is not an easy thing to do but we managed to photograph this one in the middle of a song.

Some of My Top Awarded Photos on Viewbug

I have been a member of Viewbug for over a year now.  Over that time, one thing that I have noticed is that some of my photos have become very popular for other members to grant peer awards to while others have yet to receive such attention.  Most of my popular and highly awarded photographs come out of my landscape and other nature fine art work but there are a couple which come out of other categories.  Several pictures include animals.  There are also a couple of child portraits people love and a wedding still life photo as well which snuck into the party.

Photo of the Week 21

Occasionally, when working with children, you have a shot that is memorable no matter how many portraits you take.  It sticks with you and continues to bring joy to your heart.  Such is the case with our featured "Photo of the Week" for this week.  It is a pair of siblings which melt my heart.