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New Business Hours and Prices

We have been doing some thinking lately in regards to our shift from wedding and portrait photography to fine art and nature photography.  There are a few business changes that we need to make.

Photo of the Week 54

It's another Friday and it's time for Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week" pick.  Following in the footsteps of previous weeks, we have selected an animal picture to share with you.  We are pleased to present this black swan swimming to you as our choice for photo of the week at the end of August.

Breathing Life Into Old Photos

Every so often, there is that special photo that I go for and, for one reason or another, it doesn't turn out as hoped.  The composition might be spot on and so is the sharpness but there are other issues with the photo which aren't so easy to deal with.  With great regret, I end up putting the image aside for a while.

The Secret to Having an Amazing Photography Portfolio

Do you love photography?  Do you see the pictures that others take and start drooling or even envying them?  Do you wish that you could have these kinds of photos to show for yourself.  You are not alone in this.  There are some simple ways to do this for yourself.

Photo of the Week 53

It's time once again for all of us at Cramer Imaging to announce our selection for "Photo of the Week."  Since we have been on a bit of an animal kick lately, we decided to continue that tone this week.  Our choice for this week is this black and white photo of a pigeon sitting on a birdhouse.