Photo of the Week

For this week's "Photo of the Week," we are featuring this powerful and dramatic headshot of a lion.  There is a memorable story associated with the magic of this photograph and it starts with a free photo opportunity.  As lions are not native to this region of the world, namely Southeastern Idaho, I had to go to a zoo for this opportunity.  The local zoo of choice was the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls.

10 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Landscape Photographers

The job of a landscape or nature photographer is often seen as glamorous and adventurous.  The photographs we manage to take are published in calendars and hung on the walls of office buildings.  People are amazed by, and even jealous of, what we manage to capture with our cameras.  There are a few secrets which enable us to shoot such breath-taking work for you to admire.  Here is a list of the top 10 pieces of equipment landscape and nature photographers need to score those treasured masterpieces.

Photo of the Week

For this week, Cramer Imaging is pleased to feature this lovely fine art pet portrait of a cat as our "Photo of the Week."  Cats are favorite photo and video subjects for many people so it should not come as any surprise that we have a couple of these ourselves.  The real surprise is the cooperation of the cat for the portrait.

To All Veterans This Veterans' Day

To many in the world, you are forgotten and even unwelcome.  The sacrifices you made, the blood you spilled, and the suffering you endured are taken for granted or, worse, scorned.  There are many who wish you did not exist.  But there are those among us which do remember you and honor what you have given for our sakes.

Why I Changed to Lightroom from Photoshop

There are lots of different post-processing software options available to photographers of all skill levels but the industry standard has become Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom.  (This is not a product endorsement at all, simply a statement of fact)  As a professional photographer, I have used both tools and have found strengths and weaknesses with both products.  I keep both around for a reason.  Recently, I have found that I am migrating most of my processing into Lightroom and I would like to share why.