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Photo of the Week 36

Friday has come again and it's time for us to feature another one of our lovely landscape or fine art photos in our "Photo of the Week" special.  This week, I felt like taking a bit of a break from the load of spring flower photos I have been putting out for the past few weeks.  This time, I wanted something big and dramatic.  This sunset certainly fits the bill for that.

The Most Important Secret for Any Aspiring Photographers

Do you dream of taking amazing photographs?  Does the sight of another's photo work make you want to create something that good yourself?  Do you want to know how those amazing professional photographers took those quality pictures that you proudly display on your wall in a calendar or a family portrait?  Do you figure there must be some secret to their success?

Photo of the Week 35

It was a dark and cloudy day when I pulled out my camera and decided to try for some nature photos at one of my favorite locations.  It was threatening bad weather in addition to the cold.  For some reason, I knew that there would be an amazing photograph out there for me just waiting to be taken.  So I braved the elements with my camera.

13 of My Favorite Fine Art Nature Photographs

Here at Cramer Imaging, we have been photographing the area around Southeastern Idaho in search of beautiful, unique, amazing, and high quality professional fine art photographs.  Every so often, there is a photograph or two which sticks with us as being particularly special or memorable.  The reasons are different for why we particularly remember these images, but we thought we would share a few of them with you so you could enjoy them for yourself.  These photos are in no particular order but all here are something that I love.

Photo of the Week 34

We have been doing several flower pictures for "Photo of the Week" lately.  I felt like doing something different and adding an insect photo in for this week.  So, for this week's featured "Photo of the Week," you get a bee interested in a pink flower.  How's that for different?