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Photo of the Week 153

Hello again fans.  It's Friday again.  It's time to check out our chosen "Photo of the Week."  This week, we've got something for you which should inspire.  We've got a beautiful photograph of the St. George temple during the summertime.  Your boss approves of this creative break.  Enjoy and keep reading for more.
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Cramer Imaging is Now Offering Product Reviews

We're pleased to announce that Cramer Imaging is now offering you a way to review our photography for all to see.  We've added a review section to each individual sale page of our store so that you can leave your thoughts for future buyers to see just what you think of our photos.
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Photo of the Week 152

Hello, it's Friday again and we, here at Cramer Imaging, have a little something special designed to help get you through the rest of your work day.  It's called our featured "Photo of the Week."  Each week, we pick one of our photos from our portfolio and tell you the story which went into getting this particular photo.  You boss will approve of this quick creative break.
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Iconic Locations Part 2

We had the opportunity to return to Yellowstone National Park last week with some friends.  Some of these friends had never seen the park before.  It was a perfect chance to show off the wonders of one of the nation's premier national parks to them for the first time.  With the photos we took there, we also revisited the iconic locations post we wrote earlier last month.
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Why Buying Fine Art Shows You've Arrived

Buying fine art is one of those purchases which means something in your life.  It means that you've arrived somewhere you want to be.  Where that place actually is happens to be up to you and your individual definitions.  The fact of the matter is you have arrived and your fine art purchase proves it.  Here's why.