A Printable Bride's Wedding Checklist

We have come to the end of our series on "A Bride's Wedding Planning Checklist."  There was only one thing missing out of the series and that is an actual checklist for brides to print out and use, until now.  The articles I wrote do a great job of explaining some reasons for considering certain traditional wedding elements and why you might want to consider (or not consider) other elements.

Some Experiences Photographing Children

Over the years, as a portrait photographer, I am asked to shoot many different kinds of people and families.  I find photographing children to be one of the more amusing aspects of the job.  Young children always bring such fun energy to their portrait sessions.  You never know what you are going to get from them.  They can shine right in front of you or they can bring in storm clouds.  It is always a bit of a gamble when young children are involved in a portrait shoot.

Behind the Scenes at a Wedding with Cramer Imaging

People wonder what to expect out of their wedding photographer.  What kind of person is he or she?  What kinds of pictures will be taken and what kind of quality will they be?  Will I like the photographer's style?  What kind of gear will the photographer be using?  How much space will the photographer need for all that camera equipment?  These are all some good questions.  I would like to take the time to answer those questions about what kind of wedding photographer I am.

Happy Independence Day 2014 America!

Ah, summer.  Warm weather, fun in the sun, and American Independence Day.  There is nothing that Americans look forward to more during summertime than the 4th of July holiday.  Fireworks, barbeques, picnics, national holiday, family reunions, homemade ice cream.  There is a lot to celebrate.  Just don't forget to take some time to remember the brave men and women who sacrificed all to give us what we enjoy today.  Amid your fun and family time, take some time and thank someone you know who has put his or her life on the line to defend the freedoms we continue to enjoy today.  We owe them much for their sacrifice.  We, at Cramer Imaging, wish to extend our thanks to those who continue to defend us and our country wherever you are.  Thank you for your service.

The Value of a Photographic Print

"CD's won't open.  Hard drives crash.  Flash drives get corrupted.  Cloud-based businesses close.  The only thing that works every time is a print." - "Missy Mwac" Cheri Frost

When I first saw this quote on Facebook, I had to share it on the company page.  There is so much truth to this statement that I couldn't get it off of my mind.  Finally, I realized that I needed to discuss this with all of you: our readers.