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Tips for Photographing State and County Fairs

The Eastern Idaho State Fair is coming very soon.  Are you ready for it?  This is a more uncomfortable question for exhibitors and vendors than it is for most other people.  However, there are a couple of things which can be cause for concern to you.  The most important one is whether or not you are ready to take pictures there.  Just in case, here's some tips to help you out.

Photo of the Week 106

It was another hot and sultry summer day.  I was in search of a photo to take.  Because it was miserably hot and bright sunlight, I wasn't sure that I would get something that day.  Thankfully, I was wrong in that assumption.  The photo I got that day ended up becoming this week's featured "Photo of the Week."

8 More Non-Photography Items To Take on Your Nature Shoot

Last week, we talked about 8 things which are not photography or camera related which you should take with you when going on a photo shoot.  If you want to catch up on last week's article, you can find it here.  We know that last week's list was far from exhaustive so we decided to do it again this week with 8 more things you should take.

Photo of the Week 105

It's once again that time.  It's Friday and it's time for an exciting announcement we know you've all been waiting for.  It's time for us to announce Cramer Imaging's featured "Photo of the Week."  Here is is.  This week, we are featuring this photograph of a gold finch taking off from on top of a weed.

Ancient Red Skyscrapers

The earth is bathed in red.  It's reaching, reaching for the sky.  All the while the blood of iron is weighing it down.  It's tied down forever but forever pointing heavenward.  Such describes the rock formations we recently discovered for ourselves out at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.