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Photo of the Week 136

It's Friday again and spring is finally here!!!  Ok, so it might not look like it's here yet but it's here.  Things are going to start warming up again and beautiful flowers like today's featured "Photo of the Week" are going to start appearing in gardens here very soon.  We can't wait and we're sure that many of you can't wait either.
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The Most Important Consideration When Buying Fine Art

Buying fine art is a rather big decision.  It often requires a significant investment of money.  Depending upon the piece, it may also require a continual outlay of money for insurance purposes.  These are obviously important matters to consider.  However, there is another more weighty decision which you must consider first.  That thought is what we're talking about today.
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Photo of the Week 135

Spring is practically here!  It's so exciting given this winter that we've been having with record amounts of snowfall.  Because it's Friday and time for our featured "Photo of the Week," we've chosen a photograph of something which you might start seeing outside right about now.  We've got a spring crocus flower photograph for you today.
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How to Care for Your Fine Art Giclée Print Part 5-Protection From Grime

In the last four weeks articles, we've been talking about how to protect your fine art photography from some form of hazard it may encounter in your home.  This week, we're concluding our discussion of these dangers your fine art might face.  We've covered acid, sunlight, UV, and falls.  Each is its own problem to prevent.  This week, we're covering how to protect fine art against the dangers of dirt and grime.
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Photo of the Week 134

Cramer Imaging is ready for another Friday.  It's time once again for us to show you something special.  It's in time for spring again.  At least, it's almost time.  Since flowers are already on their way, here's a quick reminder of what's to come in the next few weeks.  This fine art photograph is also our pick for featured "Photo of the Week."  Enjoy.