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Forgotten Carols 2015 Review

This past weekend was the beginning of the annual Forgotten Carols seasonal tour.  We went to the opening show in Idaho Falls.  Having been to a previous showing, we were interested in seeing what changes were made for this year's tour.  We were not disappointed.

Photo of the Week 67

It's Friday again.  Not just any Friday, it's Black Friday.  Now that you have gorged yourselves on the early morning deals of the stores, it's time to relax away from the craziness of holiday shopping.  Take a minute or two to enjoy something other than satisfaction over your shopping conquests.  Check out our featured "Photo of the Week."

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

It's Turkey Day!!!   Turkey, Turkey, Turkey...!!!  (If you get that reference, extra props to you)  It's time for Cramer Imaging to express our gratitude.  We're grateful for such a productive year.  We're grateful for our customers.  We're grateful for this country we live in and to God for creating it and us.  We're also grateful for all of you: our readers.

Cramer Imaging's Black Friday Special

Black Friday is coming.  Time for the holiday shopping to kick off in full force.  Rather than wait in lines at ungodly early hours for only a chance at a decent deal, why not go for something much easier?  At Cramer Imaging, we are happy to give you an alternative this year.

Photo of the Week 66

It's once again Friday.  Before you decide to lose your focus entirely in favor of the weekend, don't forget to check out our featured "Photo of the Week."  This week, we are showing this shot of the Snake River in a canyon.