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The Elusive Wild Bird Photo

Wildlife photography is a true test of patience.  You try and try and try to get something but the animals just won't cooperate with you.  They don't understand that you are not a threat to them directly nor will you give their position away to predators.  This makes life difficult for us.

Standard Picture Frame Sizes

When you buy a piece of art to display on your wall, do you know what size of picture frame you will be using?  Do you know if your art is "standard sized" or not?  Do you even know what "standard sized" art means?

Photo of the Week 59

I'm having a bit of a kick on cats this month.  I've got a few cat pictures which will be featured as our "Photo of the Week" for the month of October.  Make sure to tune in every Friday to learn a bit about the cat we've selected to talk about.

On Tour in Eastern Idaho

We had a blog post coming up to its publishing date and we needed a photo for it.  There was no way that we could get it in Pocatello so we made plans to hit a few other local sights as we drove.  Thankfully, the smoke from all the fires was not impairing the shots this time.

What is Fine Art Photography?

There are so many different kinds of photos which are called fine art that it can be difficult to understand what the term "fine art photograph" means precisely.  So many photographers out there will call practically any photo a piece of "fine art" whether it is or not.  So how do you tell the difference between the truly fine art photography and the rest of the photographic world?