Photo of the Week

This week's feature photograph as "Photo of the Week" is this picture of a pivot line sprinkling system in a farmer's field in the early springtime.  Sights like this pivot line are common in the rural areas of Idaho and other states where farming is common.  Access to a shot like this is not so easy to obtain though.

Announcing Free Landscape Photograph Contest

We, at Cramer Imaging, are pleased to announce our first contest to win a free 16x20 copy of one of our landscape photographs (a $40 value).  Our chosen photograph for this contest is of Upper Mesa Falls on the Snake River.  Entries are available to our Facebook and Twitter fans in addition to our email newsletter subscribers.  Continue reading to learn how to enter.

Photo of the Week

Our "Photo of the Week" feature this week is this lovely photograph of wagon wheels by the Snake River at Massacre Rocks State Park.  This state park is located near Twin Falls, Idaho and the Oregon Trail.  It is here that pioneers traveling to a new life in Oregon had a bloody confrontation with the Native Americans of the area.  From the name of the park, one may gain an idea of how this battle turned out for the settlers.

September 11 Remembrance

It has come to another anniversary of the horrific attack upon our country.  The targets were the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and an unsuccessful government target which became United flight 93.  It is also the anniversary of the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi.  We, at Cramer Imaging, would like to remember the lives which were tragically lost those days.

Landscape Shoot at Devil's Creek Reservoir

Amazing landscape photographs can be found in all kinds of places.  It is about finding the right angle, having the right equipment, and waiting for the right time.  In August, Cramer Imaging decided to check out what Devil's Creek Reservoir in Southeastern Idaho had to offer us.  It was a reasonably close drive for us so we made in time for sunset.  We were not disappointed by seeing the area.