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Happy Independence Day 2015

Cramer Imaging wants to wish everyone of our readers a safe and happy Fourth of July this year.  While you are out enjoying your weekend, barbeques, picnics, and firework shows, please remember to take some time to think of the men and women who have sacrificed much or all to give us this country we live in today.

Photo of the Week 46

The Fourth of July is coming but Friday is here.  So, in honor of our independence, we are featuring these orange fireworks in the lineup of our featured "Photo of the Week."  More fireworks to come later.

When the Stars Align

There has been big talk in the astronomy circles for the past several days and weeks about Venus and Jupiter coming into close alignment.  I think I remember reading somewhere that it was to be within half a degree of each other.  Well, the peak was just last night and I was able to capture a shot before the planets sank out of sight.

How to Shoot Epic Firework Photos

The Fourth of July, with all its firework glory, is just around the corner.  Everyone wants to capture those memorable moments with the bright lights on film but most firework photos leave something to be desired in the depiction of the experience.  Here are some ways you can get those accurate and larger-than-life firework photos you want.

Photo of the Week 45

The crystal clear and slightly blue waters of Niagara Springs in the Thousand Springs National Monument now takes its slot in our featured Friday "Photo of the Week."  This black and white version was everything that we hoped it would be.