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Respect Wildlife In The Field

Everyone loves those shots of wildlife.  The closer you can get to the animal, the better the shot usually is.  There is a fine line, however, between taking a wildlife photograph and disturbing the animals in their natural habitat.  Since lots of people seem to be blurring or crossing that line lately, it seems like a good time to refresh the rules.

Photo of the Week 97

It's Friday in the summertime.  It's so wonderful and warm.  Before you start into your weekend plans, take a minute or two to check out Cramer Imaging's choice for "Photo of the Week."  We've specially planned this one.  Today, we feature this black and white photograph of a wild sunflower for your viewing pleasure.

Free Pocatello Zoo Day 2016

With how much success we've had in the past with zoo photography, we decided to check out the Pocatello Zoo when they had a free admission day this year.  I hadn't been to the zoo in town yet so I wanted to check it out for myself.  It turned out to be worth the trip and here's why.

Ethics and Etiquette for Outdoor Photography

Now that summer is beginning, so are the vacations and day trips.  Out come the cameras for some fun or more serious photography aspirations.  While it can be fun to pull out your camera for the wide variety of shots which can be available, make sure that you don't become a nuisance photographer or violate any laws while shooting.

Photo of the Week 96

Fridays in the summertime mean that we get to show you something special.  It means we can show you some of our favorite wildlife photos as our featured "Photo of the Week."  This week, we have chosen to display this photograph of a butterfly on a wildflower for your viewing pleasure.