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Photo of the Week 28

This amazing sunset photo was taken in my own back yard!  That's right I only had to walk our my door to see this beautiful view of the sky.  Ok, so it wasn't my BACK yard, it was the front yard.

Why the Right Photo Paper Makes the Print

Anyone can take a decent photograph.  Almost any decent photo will look great on the computer screen.  It is not so common to see those pictures make it to print form anymore.  When we do take the time to print the photos we take, the prints don't often strike the viewer the same way that the computer view does.  The prints are found lacking.  Very few people understand why the prints out of consumer grade printers or photo labs don't look like the fine quality prints that professional photographers.  I would like to take the time to explain why.

Photo of the Week 27

Beaver activity was visible on this winter time photo hike.  Those critters were out in force gnawing down the trees and reenforcing their dams.  We could see their activities easily thanks to the lack of green foliage covering it up.  This photo shows some of what they had been up to.

Achieving Amazing Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits are a recent addition to the portrait family.  It used to be that a woman would pretty much go into hiding when she was far enough along in her pregnancy to be showing.  Now there are women out there who are proudly showing off those baby curves for all to see.  Not everyone has taken to the idea of maternity portraiture, but for those who have, there are rewards to be had.  We would like to share some tips for those brave women who want the best maternity portraits they can get.

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Again we have arrived in the season of romance.  Today is the day that couples celebrate the fact that they found each other and are still together.  The longer they have spent together, the more reason they have to celebrate.  We hope that all of you have a safe holiday and remember what makes your partner special to you.  Happy Valentine's Day to you all.