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About Cramer Imaging

About Cramer Imaging
Professional portrait of the photographer of Cramer Imaging taken in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho
Believe it or not, helping you create your dream home is our top priority here at Cramer Imaging.

We've spent several years without having a home of our own so we understand just how important having your dream home is.  It's really tough to live without a place where you belong.  On the flip side, it's an amazing feeling of pride, achievement, and belonging when you finally get a place to call your own and build your future with.

Because we've been homeless, we want to make sure that you feel like you have a home where you belong.  We want your home to be the best the best and most inviting that it can be.  We contribute fine art photography to your home so you can achieve that feeling for yourself right now.

Cramer Imaging was founded in 2010 by Ken and Audrey Cramer.  We saw that you needed some uplifting and wholesome art for decorating your dream home, be it a palace or a hovel.

While Audrey did some study of photography at Idaho State University, both of us are mainly self-taught in the craft.  While the road may be longer this way, it's also perfectly paved once we pass over it.  We not only learn how to do things right but also why things work right that way with the camera.  You get to benefit from our experiences learning through our beautiful photography.

If you are interested in learning more about us, just follow us on our Instagram account @cramerimagingpersonal.  You will get all kinds of sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes views of us.