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Artist Bio

Artist Bio
Getting Out And Away From It All Is Calming For Audrey.  It Reduces The Stress Of Everyday Life.
Audrey Cramer has always been interested in the artistic life. She comes from a musical family, is a musician herself, and minored in music in college. She has a love of animals, nature, and the outdoors. Her first choice was for a career was to be a veterinarian.

As she took classes for the biology degree she needed for vet school, life started taking her a different direction. She got a job working for the computer labs at her university. That job finally gave her enough money to get her first DSLR camera to indulge her latent interest in photography.

Wanting to be more valuable at her job, she took a class on Photoshop. She found that she enjoyed that class a great deal as it gave her more of an outlet for her artistic side. She started taking photography classes and loved it to the point that she changed her major to photography.

She moved on from her job at the university and never really got the chance to help other students with Photoshop but she had a new major and was learning photography. Along the way, she met Kenneth, the man who would become her husband and the other half of her creative process. Technically minded Ken has the ability to see things before Audrey does and bring them to her attention.

Audrey and Ken tried wedding, portrait, and event photography to start with. None worked as both Audrey and Ken found neither of them cared for those kinds of photography. Going to places away from large groups of people was what they loved. Realizing this, they started pursuing their true love in photography: landscape and nature.