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Photo of the Week 173

Photo of the Week 173 Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a tree against the red cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park Utah Hello again photography fans.  It's another glorious Friday morning.  The weekend is almost here.  We've got just what you need and what you've been waiting for.  We're ready to unveil our pick for featured "Photo of the Week."  We've got something special this week.  It's from Capitol Reef National Park.

This photo is the third leg of a trio of national parks we gathered last year.  Starting with Bryce Canyon, continuing with Zion's National Park, and finishing with Capitol Reef, we had quite the adventure.  We wanted to complete the collection, so with our last trip to Panguitch that year, we made the 2 hour journey up to the national park.

This national park is a bit different from some of the rest we've been to.  Much of the park is on a major highway so quite a bit of it is visible for no charge.  They can't charge people for entrance to the park if they stay on the highway.  If you want to see more of the park than you can from the road, then you will pay the entrance fee.

We enjoyed checking out some interesting sights there.  There's old Mormon settlement buildings, an orchard, and Native American petroglyphs from a vanished tribe.  It was fun to play tourist for a while but we settled down to regular landscape photography business.

We checked out several different locations for trying out a shot.  We finally settled on the Sunset Point there.  We took the short third of a mile hike to the point.  There was quite a view to see.  Sadly, it didn't end up working out the way that we hoped.  This is disappointing but normal.

One thing we noticed about the park was the feeling of emptiness and solitude we felt.  We enjoyed that feeling of just us and nature.  That feeling can be difficult to find sometimes.

On the way out, I kept looking for opportunities.  Most of the time, it's these last minute and unplanned shots which end up working out the best for me.  This trip was no exception.  I saw this dead tree on the hike out and decided to try framing it against the red sandstone cliffs which the park is famous for.  It was sunset and the light was just right for a shot.  It worked.

Cramer Imaging's professional quality landscape photograph of a tree against the red cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park Utah

This photo is a member of my award-winning collection.  If you love this landscape photo, then follow this link to our online store where you can order a copy for yourself today.  It will look amazing on your wall.